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Welcome to the Texas Hunter Education Instructors Association.


Texas Hunter Education Instructors Association’s mission is to support Hunter Education and the Hunter Education Instructor.

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Why is it important to become a member of THEIA?

THEIA is the non-profit that supports TPWD Hunter Education.  THEIA is responsible for paying for the Incentive Awards beyond what the State can legally pay for.  Those Instructors who reach the level of Rifle, Pistol, or Shotgun will receive their Incentive Awards from THEIA.  Your membership helps us continue this level of giving back to the Instructors.

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THEIA has two forms of membership:

Voting Members

Voting Members have a choice of renewing annually or becoming a life member.
The requirements to be a voting member are outlined in the bylaws and are defined as;

To be eligible for election to voting membership, the individual must be an active Hunter Education Instructor certified by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and be a member in good standing in THEIA.

Current dues for Voting Members are:

  • Newly certified Instructor – first year complimentary of THEIA/TPWD
  • Annual renewal – $25.00
  • Lifetime Membership – $150.00

Associate Members

Associate Members are members the same as Voting Members with the exception that an Associate Member may not vote in THEIA Elections or vote on THEIA policy.

Associate membership shall be open to any reasonable person who applies to THEIA for membership with an interest in promoting THEIA’s goals, including Assistant Hunter Ed Instructors.

Current dues for Assistant Instructor / Associate Member

  • Assistant TPWD Hunter Education Instructor – $20.00
  • All Others – Annual renewal – $25.00

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